Troy Hardin

Troy Hardin-Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Troy Hardin has been playing throughout the Oklahoma City area since 1996. With his acoustic guitar and harmonica, Troy sings and performs the "songs that I have sang along to on the radio my whole life". Along with the popular songs, Troy mixes in obscure tracks from some of his favorite albums. Troy released his first studio album (C.D.) in 2000 titled "Burning Bush". Songs from this C.D. and music written since are also performed during his shows. A Troy Hardin show lacks pretense and is an upbeat and enjoyable event. Oh Yea. Troy is also an accomplished artist. You can check out some of his paintings at this website.

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"Burning Bush" was written and produced by Troy Hardin at White Rose Studio in Guthrie Oklahoma.

Musicians include Jon Hankins and Jeff Allen

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